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TEMPUS CruiseT Project


Odessa National Maritime Academy has become the national coordinator of the European project “CruiseT” which develops cruise business in the Black Sea region. The project got a name “Creation of the network of competence centers for development and support of  cruise tourism in the Black Sea region”. It is financed by European Union and is a part of the European program TEMPUS, which is intended to render a help to the academic institutions of countries of partnership in the field of social and economic development.

It is expected that international partnership will become a new turn in the history of the cruise tourism in the Black Sea region. There is an interest in the Black Sea region. The rector of ONMA Mykhaylo Miyusov and partners of the project confirm this. “Today the world's largest cruise lines visit the Black Sea ports compulsorily. Cruises in this region are attractive for thousands of tourists”, - the rector is sure. In the academy cruise tourism is analyzed at the Maritime law and management faculty.

The «СruiseТ» project's aim is to create a high-quality product for tourist's market. And new partner's relations, made within the project, will promote the successful realization of the plans conceived.

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